In the Middle of the Street

Written, directed & produced by b.h. Yael, 2002

Video length 35:00 min


Premiered at Images Festival of Independent Film & Video

The loss of individual lives in Israel/Palestine as a result of the Israeli occupation is too much for any of us to comprehend at this point. The number of injuries and the psychic toll is even greater.  We do not see the full picture.  Most often the perspectives that are privileged are extremist ones. 

As well, we do not see or hear about the many actions by those who work for a viable solution and ultimately peace. Activists and ordinary citizens are taking part in protests, are involved in actions of cooperation, and are working together so that a different voice may be heard.


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In the Middle of the Street is a video documentation of a specific moment of
peace actions in Israel/Palestine. The video, counter-images to what
we see on the nightly news, involves a journey made at the end of December
2001, to witness these acts of resistance by Palestinians, Israelis and many

In the Middle of the Street includes video reportage of the following
images: a march in Jerusalem organized by Coalition of Women for a Just
Peace; a trip to Hebron with a small group of Internationals where it is
evident that Settlers are not only confiscating land but are building on top
of Palestinian shops and therefore on top of their heads; a peace march in
Bethlehem which was stopped by the army from proceeding onto Jerusalem; and
a trip to Ramallah and to the Palestinian Authority on New Year's Eve.

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