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b.h. Yael is a Toronto based filmmaker and installation artist. She is Professor of Integrated Media at OCAD University and currently Chair of Senate.

Yael’s work has exhibited nationally and internationally and has shown in various settings, from festivals to galleries to community and activist groups, as well as various educational venues. Her work has been purchased by many universities and she is a recipient of numerous arts grants including the Chalmers Fellowship award. Her essay film Trading the Future, won the ‘Audience Award’ at the Ecofilms festival in Rhodes, Greece.

ael's films and installations have dealt with the many intersections of identity and family; it has focused on activist initiatives in Palestine/Israel, as well as apocalypse, geopolitical and environmental urgencies. Select titles include: Fresh Blood, A Consideration of Belonging; In the Middle of the Street; and Palestine Trilogy. Collaborative and collective projects include Spontaneous Combustion; the Olive Project by the Hardpressed Collective; BlahBlahBlah, Re(viewing) Quebec; and the Approximations series with Johanna Householder. Yael has also programmed arts lectures and media screenings, and occasionally she writes.

Yael premieres her most recent project, Lessons for Polygamists, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, at the Images festival in April 2017. No Lies, a one minute short and silent version won the “Most Original Film by a Local Female Director” award at the 2016 Toronto Urban Film Festival.

CV (selected entries)



MA, University of Toronto, OISE, Curriculum/Cultural Studies, 1997

AOCA, Ontario College of Art, Photo/Electric Arts/New Media, 1987

BEd., Teaching Certification, Ontario Teacher Education College, 1979

BA, York University, English, 1978

arts/films awards and grants (2000 – present)

2016    Most Original Film by a Local Female Director, Toronto Urban Film Festival

2013    Media Arts Production Assistance, Canada Council for the Art

2009    Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant

2009    Toronto Arts Council, Grants to Media Artists

2009    Ecofilms, Rodos International Films & Visual Arts Festival, Greece Awarded ‘Audience Award’

2008    Rivers Edge International Film Festival, Paducah, Kentucky 

Awarded ‘Best Humanitarian Observation’: Media that Matters

2006    Chalmers Art Fellowship, Ontario Arts Council, Research & Creation

2006    Travel Grant, Canada Council

2006    Ontario Arts Council, Media Artists: Mid-Career and Established, Production Completion

2005    Ontario Arts Council: Exhibition Assistance to Artists, WARC,

2004    Near East Culture and Education Foundation, Production

2004    Ontario Limited O/A Famous Magazine. Production

2003    Film and Video Grant, Ontario Arts Council, Production

2003    InterAccess Emerging Artist Awards

2001    Artist Grants, Toronto Arts Council, Production

2000    Millennium Grant, Canada Council for the Arts, Production

1998    Travel Grant, Canada Council

1996    Development Grant (B grant), Canada Council

1995    Completion Grant, Ontario Arts Council

1995    Video Production Grant Canada Council                                                                          

1995    Grants for Artists, City of York Arts Grants

1992    Video Grant, Ontario Arts Council

1991    B Grant, Canada Council

1990    Film Production Grant, Canada Council

1989    Visual Artists’ Grant, Toronto Arts Council

1989    Video Installation Grant, Ontario Arts Council

1988    Explorations Grant, Canada Council

1988    Travel Grant, Media Arts, Canada Council

1987    Arts Promotion Travel Grant, External Affairs 2013    Media Arts Production Assistance, Canada Council for the Art

artist residency

2013    Byrdcliffe Artist Colony, Woodstock NY, 6 week residency

1995    Banff Centre for the Arts, Media Residency, Memory & History

1994    Banff Centre for the Arts, Media Residency, Banff, Alberta

public acquisitions


2009    University of Winnipeg

2009    McMaster University Library

2009    Brandon University

2009    University of Winnipeg

2008    Oberlin College Library, Ohio

2008    York University, curator: Kathryn Elder

2008    University of Toronto, Robarts Library


2011    National Council on Canada Arab Relations, Vancouver

2007    University of Ottawa, Library Network

2007    Brandon University, Manitoba

2006    King’s University College

2006    University of Ottawa

2006    University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

2006    Observatori de Video No Identificat, (OVNI), The Observatory Archives, Centre de     Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Spain 

2006    Robarts Library, University of Toronto

2006    Ryerson University, Toronto

2006    University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta


2006    Observatori de Video No Identificat, (OVNI), The Observatory Archives, Centre de     Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Spain 

2004    McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

2004    York Universities Libraries, Toronto, Canada

2004     Ontario College of Art & Design

2002     V.W. Bladen Library, University of Toronto, at Scarborough, Ontario


2005    University of Toronto, Robarts Library, Toronto

(OF)FENCES, 2002

blahblahblah: Re(viewing) Quebec

2006    Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.

2006    Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont.

2004    McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont.

2003    Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont.

2002    York University, North York, Ont.

2002     Ontario College of Art & Design

2002    University of New Brunswick, N.B.

2001    OPIRG, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ont.


2010     McGill University Library – Acquisition Dept: 

2009    Brandon University

2009    University of Winnipeg

2007    University of Ottawa, Library Network

2007    Concordia University

2006    Simon Fraser University

2006    OISE, University of Toronto

2003    University of British Columbia

2003    Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, B.C.

2002    The Rainbow Centre, University of Connecticut, Mass.

2002    McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario 

2002     St. John’s University

2001     Trinity College

2001    University of Victoria, B.C.

2001     Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, N.Y.

2000    University of Toronto, Ont.

1999    University of Montreal, Que.

1999     Northern Arizona University, Ariz.

1999    New York University, N.Y.

1999    Denver Public Library, Col.

1999    Temple Israel, Boston, Mass.

1998    San Francisco State University, Calif.

1998    University of Southern California, Irvine, Calif.

1997    St Mary’s College, Calgary, Alta.

1997    OISE, University of Toronto, Ont.

1997    Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Ont.


1990    Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, Ont.

1989    Trinity Square Video Tape Collection, Toronto, Ont.


2005     DEIR YASSIN REMEMBERED: Deir Yassin Remembered, Dan McGowan

2002    TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA: Inside Out Film & Video Festival, Pam Mathar

selected curated exhibitions/programs

Approximations, Parts 1 - 3, Johanna Householder & b.h. Yael, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto: September 11 – October 10, 2009

North American Premiere, Closing Night Gala, Images Festival, Toronto. Programmers: Pablo O’Campo, Leslie Peters(Trading the Future) April 13, 2008.

World Premiere, Mumbai International Film Festival, India. Programmer: V. Packirisamy (Trading the Future) Feb 7, 2008.

Verbatim, Johanna Householder & b.h. Yael, Fleishman Gallery, Toronto, Curator: Rochelle Holt (Approximations & Verbatim), Nov. 23 – Dec. 2, 2007.

curated and juried group exhibitions: International

Meet You More Than Half-Way: The Toronto We Know, Images Festival, Toronto, April 23, 2017. Curated by Tess Takahashi and Michael Zryd (Lessons for Polygamists)

Twist and Shout, Toronto Urban Film Festival, TTC subway platforms, Toronto, Sept. 16, 2016, (No Lies)

No Place – Queer Geographies on Screen, Norway, Curator: Anthea Black, 2014 (Ken, Tov, Beseder)

Spirit Enlightened, Culture Unplugged Festival 2011; Programmer: Priyanka Shah On line festival: http://www.cultureunplugged.com/play/5997/Trading-the-Future

Palestine Film Festival, Bloor Cinema, Oct. 8, 2010. Programmer, Dania Majid. (Premiere: Ken, Tov, Beseder)

Middle Eastern Shorts, 2010 New Orleans Middle East Film Festival, Dec. 2, 2010. Programmer: Rene Broussard (Ken, Tov, Beseder)

Toronto Urban Film Festival, Toronto Transit Commission, Network of 270 Onestop platform screens, Sept 10 – 19, 2010; Director, Sharon Switzer (Seldom)

New Orleans Middle East Film Festival, Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center, November 17, 2009; Programmer: Rene Broussard (Palestine Trilogy)

SunChild 2nd International Environmental Festival. Yerevan, South Caucasus, Armenia. October 25 to 29, 2009; Programmer: Ruben Khachatryan (Trading the Future)

Ecofilms, Rodos International Films & Visual Arts Festival, Greece, June 2009; Programmer: Lucia Rikaki (Trading the Future)

City of Women, International Festival of Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia Programmers: Dunja Kukovec & Koen Van Daele. Screening: October 15, 2008

Conflict Zone Art Asylum, Tacheles, Berlin, Curator: Michael Ronen, (Palestine Trilogy), March 2, 2008

Mumbai International Film Festival, India. Programmer: V. Packirisamy (Deir Yassin Remembered) Feb. 4, 2008

Jacksonville Film Festival, Florida: Shorts of Epic Proportions 2, May 19, 2008 (Even in the Desert)

Les Rencontres Madrid, Encontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, France, May 1-5, 2007 (Approximations)

"America", The National Centre for Contemporary Art Moscow, Russia, curated by Jillian McDonald, Feb 20, 2007, (Approximations)

Festival Internacional de VideoArte de Valencia, Sala Josep Renau, Facultad de Bellas Artes de Valencia, Spain and Pace Digital Gallery, New York, curated by Jillian McDonald, October 2006.

Broadcast: Public Access TV in Hawaii, Olelo, Channel 54, Oahu, (Deir Yassin Remembered) Oct. 31st, Nov. 7th, Nov. 28th, Dec. 5th, 2006

Toronto International Arab Film Festival, John Spotton Cinema, NFB, curated by Vicky Moufawad-Paul, Dec. 2006 (Deir Yassin Remembered)

Observatori de Video No Identificat, (OVNI) Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Spain: programmed by Toni Serra & Joan Leandre (Deir Yassin Remembered) June 2006

Achtung Baby, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary; Casa Tranzit Haz, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 13 kubikov tranzit ateliery, Bratislava, Slovakia; curated by Nina Czegledy, (The Mission) June 2006

Vikalp: Films for Freedom, Mumbai, India: curated by Anand Patwardhan, May 2006 (Deir Yassin Remembered)

Art + Activism, YYZ Artists Outlet, Toronto: curated by Kym Preusse, (Palestine Trilogy), January 2006

the fear series, video installation: Contained Mobility, Harbourfront York Quay Gallery, Images Festival of Independent Film and Video; curated by Scott Berry & Jeremy Rigsby, March 2005

Toronto International Arab Film Festival, John Spotton Cinema, NFB, 2005 (pacts)

Video Art Plastique, Métamorphose 2, Centre d’art Contemporain Basse-Normandie, France. (The Mission) curated by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomszak, Catalogue, 2003.

Images Festival of Independent Film and Video, Toronto, April 2003 (In the Middle of the Street)

Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, Austin, Texas, Aug. 2003

Surrey Institute of Art & Design, Biagioli, England, 2002

Mirror, Mirror: video work from the U.S. and Canada,” 291 Gallery, London, U.K., curated by Monica Bagioli. 2002.

Piece Process, ARC Art Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Ill.: curated by Granite Amit, 2002 (In the Middle of the Street)

Potshots: Recent Performance Installation and Video Art, Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, IL., curated by Louise McKissick, 2001. (December 31,2000)

Images Festival of Independent Film and Video, International Program Two, Toronto, ON, curated by Chris Gehman, April, 2001. (The Mission)

Images Festival, Orifice show (site specific installations), Robarts Library, UofT, 2000 (You Are Here)

Canada House, London, England, 1998 (Selected Works)

Broadcast: Free Speech TV, Boulder, Colorado, 1998

Broadcast: “NO T.V.” Cable, Rochester, N.Y. 1988

Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film & Video Festival, Penn., 1998

San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, San Francisco, California, 1998

(title) Astrea Foundation, New York, N.Y., 1998

Middle East Studies Association FilmFest,San Francisco, Calif., 1997

The New Festival, New York, N.Y., 1997

Gallery Connexion, Very Homo Show, Fredericton, N.B., 1997

Festival Internacional de Video y Artes Electronicas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1996

Atlantis Gallery, Spontaneous Combustion, London, England, 1994 (Bomb Shelters)

Leister Media Festival, Canada House, England, 1991          

Tokyo Video Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 1988 (My Mother is a Dangerous Woman)

Gioviani Film and Video Festival, Torino, Italy, 1987 (My Mother is a Dangerous Woman)

curated and juried group exhibitions national

7a*md8  – ON SCREEN, in partnership with Art Spin’s Desire Lines at Waterfront Toronto, programmers Golboo Amani and Francisco-Fernando Granados. August 24, 2017 (December 31, 2000, collaborative work with Johanna Householder)

Liminal Visibility: Choreography Meets Performance on Video, Victoria Arts Council Gallery, June 24 –July 13, 2017 (Installation of Approximations, collaborative work with Johanna Householder)

Toronto Queer Film Festival, Leaving the Nest, June 14 (Lessons for Polygamists)

7a*md8  – ON SCREEN, in partnership with (Un)settled, The Guild, programmers Golboo Amani and Francisco-Fernando Granados. June 10, 2017 (December 31, 2000, collaborative work with Johanna Householder)

Accented Video & the Autobiographical; Atomic Centre, Winnipeg, April 5, 2012 Programmers: Aisha Jamal and Sarah Shamash (Ken, Tov, Beseder)

No Place: Queer Geographies on Screen, McIntosh Gallery, London, ON, April 2, 2012 Touring program; Curator: Anthea Black (Ken, Tov, Beseder)

Fierce: Women’s Hot-Blooded Film/Video, Curator: Janice Hladki

  • The Robert McLauglin Gallery, Oshawa. July 2 – August 25, 2011
  • McMaster Museum of Art, McMaster University, Hamilton: January 28 - March 27, 2010


Lies that Tell the truth: The Centre for Art Tapes and the Khyber Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Halifax. Curators: Suzanne Caines and Claire Hodge, July 15 -August 14, 2011 (December 31, 2000, with Johanna Householder)

IMAA Conference: On Common Ground, Kelowna, B.C. Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, (a hot sandfilled wind), 2008

Paul Wong Presents: Split Decisions: a programme of video curated from the Vtape distribution collection, Vtape, Toronto, ON, Nov. 26, 2005 – Jan. 13, 2006.

Brisk Collages & Bricolges: Artistic audits & creative revisions of mainstream media in recent Canadian shorts, Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery, Halifax: curated by Gerta Johanna Cammaer, July 2005. [Catalog published by MSVU.]

Image & Nation Film Festival, Montreal, curated by Nasrin Himada, 2005 (Triskaidekaphobia)

Herland Feminist Film & Video Festival, Calgary, Alberta, 2004 (Triskaidekaphobia)

Better Worlds: Activist and Utopian Projects by Artists, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University: curated by Jan Allen & Laura U. Marks, (of)fences (catalog published by Art Books Canada & AEAC), 2002

Artists Against the Occupation, Forest City Gallery, London, Ont.: curated by Jamelie Hassan, (In the Middle of the Street)) 2002         

Image & Nation, Montreal International Queer Film Festival, 2002

Magnetic North, curator: Richard Fung, Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, N.S., 2001

Out of Control in Media City, curator: Jeremy Rigsby, Available Light Collective, Ottawa, 2001

One World Film Festival, Canada, 1999

Festival International du cinema et des nouveaux medias de Montreal, 1997           

Herland Film and Video Festival, Calgary, Alta., 1997

Society of Cinema Studies Conference, Ottawa, Ont., 1997

Image et Nation gaie et lesbienne festival, Montreal, Qc., 1997         

Video In/Video Out, Vancouver, B.C., 1997   

CFMDC Western Tour, 6 Cities from Winnipeg, Man. to Yellowknife, N.W.T., 1992   

Canadian Film Celebration, Calgary, Alta., 1992         

Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, B.C., 1991

Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, N.S., 1991

Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival, Yorkton, Sask., 1991   

Festival International de Films et Videos de Femmes, Montreal, Qc., 1988    

Insight Film and Video Festival, Edmonton, Alta., 1988          

Video Femmes, Festival des Filles des Vues, Quebec City, Qc., 1988         

Hamilton Artists Inc., The Eccentric Furniture Show, Hamilton, Ont., 1988

curated and juried group exhibitions provincial

Memory & Memorialization, Remembering the Nakba, Beit Zeitoun, Toronto, May 13, 2010; Programmers: Ayeda Ayed & Robert Massoud; Moderator: John Greyson (Deir Yassin Remembered)

Bay Street Film Festival, Thunder Bay, Ontario- Sept 2008 (Even in the Desert)

Palestine Film Festival, London, Ontario, 2006 (Palestine Trilogy)

A Very Personal Look: Toronto Video Art from the 70s to the Present, Art Gallery of York University: curated by Shay Gibson, 2005

Hollywood Remake: a selection of videos by Laura Parnes and Johanna Householder & b.h. Yael, Curatorial Incubator Round II, Vtape Video, Toronto, ON, curated by Claire Eckert. Jan. 18 to March 25, 2005. [Catalog published by Vtape]

London Lesbian Film Festival, London, Ontario, 2004

Inside/Out Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival, Invitational program, Tor., 2003

Dig/Dug, Koffler Art Gallery, Toronto, curator: Vid Inglevic, video installation, May 2003 (offering)

New Works Show, Pleasure Dome, Latvian House, Toronto, ON. curated by: Sulie Saragosa, Sylvie Wisniewski & Katie Varney, Feb. 2003. (December 31,2000)

Photophobia, The Art Gallery of Hamilton, August, 2003. (December 31, 2000)

South of 60, South of 60 Arts Centre, Barry’s Bay, Ontario; curator: Pat Jeffries, (The Lonely Lesbian) 2003

The Lady Show, Vtape Video, Toronto, ON, curated by Alissa Firth-Eaglund and Zöe Stonyk, (The Mission), June 2002.

Power to the People, Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener, ON. curated by Daniel Cockburn, (December 31, 2000 & (of)fences), September 2002.

Broadcast: Pride Television, Toronto, Canada, 2002

Inside Out Gay & Lesbian Film & Video Festival, curator: Pam Mathar, 2002

blah blah blah, (Re)sponses to Quebec, Innis College, Toronto, 2001

Images Festival of Independent Film and Video, Toronto, 2001

Out of Control in Media City, Available Light Collective, Ottawa, curator: Jeremy Rigsby,                           (The Mission), 2001

Art System, ElectroStatic, video collaboration and installation piece, 2000

Music Gallery, collaboration with Marilyn Lerner, Toronto, 2000 (Seldom)

Harbourfront, Case Studies: The Word, Toronto, 1999 (I will be (Whatever))

Festival of Arab Culture, Harbourfront, Toronto, Ont., 1997

Inside/Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival, Toronto, Ont., 1997

Mercer Union Gallery, Spontaneous Combustion, Toronto, 1996 (collaboration project)

YYZ Artists Outlet, East of Here... Reimagining the Orient, Toronto, Ont., 1996

Macdonal Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ont, 1992

National Film Board, Ontario Women’s Centre, Toronto, Ont., 1992

LIFT Screenings, Ontario Cinemateque, Toronto, Ontario, 1991

Labour of Love, Women's Common, Women’s Art Resource Centre Toronto, 1990

Artspace Artists’ Gallery, Spontaneous Combustion, Peterborough, 1990 (Home Rule)

The Euclid Centre Screen Opening Festival, Toronto, 1989

Emma Productions at A Space, Toronto, Ont., 1988

Broadcast: TV Ontario, Moving Images, Toronto, Canada, 1988

Broadcast: ‘300 Dollars’, McLean Hunter, Toronto, Canada, 1987

Groupe Intervention Video, On the Run Canadian Cities Tour, 1987

ArtCulture Resource Centre, Collation/Collusion, Toronto, Ont., 1987

group exhibitions – collaborations

Spontaneous Combustion, 1 Queen St/Yonge St, Toronto, 1993 (Bomb Shelters)

Spontaneous Combustion, Massey Ferguson Showroon, Toronto, 1989 (Home Rule)

Gallery 76, Toronto, 1987 (Watch Your Language)

The Rivoli, Toronto, 1985 (The French Lesson, performance)

The Music Gallery, Toronto, 1984 (Broken Strands, performance)

WomanTides (S.W.A.C.), Toronto and Saratoga Springs, N.Y., 1980 (Womantides, collaboration)


2016    “Devora Neumark: Challenging Home and Presence,” More Caught in Act, an anthology of performance art by Canadian women, Ed’s Johanna Householder & Tanya Mars. Artexte Editions, YYZ books

2014    “Dear John,” Walrus Magazine, March 2014

2012    Nahla Abdo: “Women in Israel: Race, Gender and Citizenship, review: Herizons Magazine, Summer 2012, Vol. 26 Issue 1, p43

2011    Cheryl l’Hirondelle, Joseph Naytowhow, b.h Yael. “Land Project: A Conversation between Canada and Israel/Palestine”, Cultivating Canada, Reconciliation through the Lens of Cultural Diversity. Ed’s Ashok Mathur, Jonathan Dewar, Mike DeGagné. Aboriginal Healing Foundation Research Series, AHF, Ottawa,

2009    More Than Just Free Speech, Fuse magazine, Vol. 32, No.4, Sept 2009

2005    Pressed: When Words Were Earth, installation by Andrew Johnson, A Space Gallery publication, Feb.

2005    Picture the Performer, review of Caught in the Act, Sketch magazine, OCAD publication, Spring

2002    Nowhere Near the End, or, notes towards Trading the Future, Fuse Magazine, Vol 25, Number 4

­2001    Video Stills Essay, Tessera, 2001

1999    Unbound Geographies/Fused Histories, A Space/Central St Martins, Toronto, 1999

1998    De-limiations, (program notes) British/Canadian Exchange, V Tape, 1998

1994    You cannot hear her grief, her crying, MATRIART, Women and War, 4/2/94: Bombshelters

1993    Inside/Outside: Shifting Perspectives, Images Film and Video Festival Catalogue, 1993

1991    Critical Perspectives, introductory remarks, Trinity Square Video Collection, 1991

1990    Sound Symposium, St.John’s,Nfld, (photography) Musicworks Magazine, 1990

1988    Images of Voice, Musicworks 42, Fall 1988

1988    Plains Conference, Fuse Magazine, Fall 1988

programming/curation: exhibitions/performances/etc. 

Co-programmer, Art Creates Change, lecture series OCAD University (2009 –present). Joe Sacco, September 20, 2017; Kent Monkman, February 8, 2017; Black Lives Matter, Leroy Newbold and Cyrus Marcus, Oct 26, 2016; Larissa Sansur, Sept 21, 2016; Public Studio, January 27, 2016; Rick Lowes, November 4, 2015; Rebecca Belmore, October 1, 2015; Dylan Miner and Devora Neumark, January 27, 2015 and others

Programmer, The Camera Am I, Fabulous Fringe Film Festival, Durham, ON, 2006

Co-Curator, The Olive Project, Two minutes for Peace and Justice, Programming and Web launch, Hard Pressed Curatorial collective, at Tranz < - >Tech International Video Art Biennial, Toronto, 2003

Programmer, Hand on the Pulse, Joyce Warshow, OCAD, co-sponsored with Inside/Out Festival, Sexual Diversity (U. of T.), Lesbian & Gay Archives, Innis College, U. of T., 2002

exhibition catalogue essays

Pressed: When Words Were Earth, installation by Andrew Johnson, A Space Gallery publication, Feb. 2005

Picture the Performer, review of Caught in the Act, Sketch magazine, OCAD publication, Spring 2005

Unbound Geographies/Fused Histories, A Space/Central St Martins, Toronto, 1999

Fresh Blood, Jayce Salloum, East of Here Catalogue (notes), YYZ Artist Outlet

Is Dad Dead Yet?’  Diana Vazquez, Flea Bite, March 1991

Combustion stokes artistic fires, Donna Lypchuck, Metropolis, Nov. 9, l989


reviews of (Yael) work/exhibitions

Crane, Connie. Longing for belonging: the artistry of B.H. Yael. Herizons Magazine, September 22, 2011 (FALL 2011/ VOLUME 25 NO. 2)

Richard Fung. Geopolitics & The Videos of b.h. Yael. Fierce Magazine, March 10, 2010

Springgay, Stephanie. (2008). Corporeal pedagogy and contemporary video art. Art Education, 61 (2), 18-24.

Witnesses to History, New Works by b.h. Yael and Richard Fung, Dot Tuer, Sketch magazine, OCAD publication, Spring 2006

Palestine Trilogy, Kevin Temple, Globe and Mail, January 6, 2006

Yael’s potent Palestine Trilogy, Fran Schechter, Now Magazine, January 5, 2006

Imperfect Homecomings, Marilyn Burgess, Topia, Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, No.2, Spring 1998

            Fresh Blood, Sandra Haar, Fuse Magazine, Volume 20, No. 1, Winter 1997

Home video’ makes Yael’s tale a true saga, Peter Goddard, Toronto Star, Sept. 19, 1996

Judy Garland’s battle grounds, Kyla Wazana, XTRA, Dec.5, 1996

Video artist reconstructs shifting Jewish identity, Cameron Bailey, NOW, Sept. 19, 1996

Spontaneous Combustion, Jennifer Rudder, Fuse Magazine, Spring 1994

Spontaneous Combustion, Jerry McGrath, Parachute, no. 74, April-June 1994

Spontaneous Combustion filling up empty office space, Deirdre Hanna, NOW, Dec. 9, 1993

Desiring Daughters, Renee Baert, Screen 34:2, Summer 1993

This feminist film is drop-dead funny, Craig McInnis, Toronto Star, Jan. 15, 1991

Is Dad Dead Yet, Cameron Bailey, Now Magazine, Feb. 28, 1991

Mothers Making Art, Pam Patterson, MATRIART, Vol. 1, no. 4, 1991

Detonate! (They Blew Up Real Good), Randi Spires, Fuse Magazine, Spring 1990

Dynamic young artists kickstart art season, Christopher Hume, Toronto Star, Nov.10, 1989

Watch Your Language, Jennie Punter, Nerve Magazine, April 1987

            The 1986 New Work Show, Geoffrey Shea, Cinema Canada, Nov. 1986

festival/art juries

Kos International Health Film Festival Ippokratis, Greece: International Feature Film Jury, 2009    

Ontario Association of Art Galleries Jury:  Book Design, Gallery Publications, Web Site Design, Ontario’s Public Gallery Publications; September 2008 ; Demetra Christakos, Seriously, Time to Stop; A Campaign to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons: Two Minutes to Move Forward Video Contest; May 2009; Anna Jaikaran and Martha Goodings, 2009

Imaginative Media Arts Festival, Experimental Film and Video: Gisele Gordon; 2007

academic activities/presentations (selected)

2017    Uncertain Futures Symposium, Canadian Association for American Studies Conference, organized by Ross Daniel Bullen and Mary Eileen Wennekers, October 28 (Trading the Future)

2017    University of Hawai’i, International Cultural Studies Graduate Certificate Program, Faculty Speaker Series, Burns Hall, Faculty: Nandita Sharma, January 25 (Trading the Future)

2016     (upcoming) At the intersections of autobiography and politics, Art and Resistance Conference, Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture, Bethlehem, May 12 -16 Rehab Nazzal

2016     (upcoming) Pegasus Conference ( Peace, Global Health and Sustainability) Sheraton Toronto     Airport and Conference Centre, Toronto, May 15, 2016: Trading the Future. Dr Petra Hroch

2015    Feminist Art Conference. Division of Labour – Gendered Tasks and Expectations; OCAD University, Panel Moderator. Sept 27, 2015, Division of Labour – Gendered Tasks and Expectations, March 8, 2014, organized by Ilene Sova 

2014    Symposium on Arab Canadian Studies (ACANS), Artist Talk, York University, Founders College.  March 5th - 6th 2014 , co-organized byWalid El Khachab and Ratiba Hadj-Moussa

2014     External Academic Review of Faculty, School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor

2013    Screening and Artist Talk: Trading the Future, NSCAD University, Bell Auditorium, January 14. Dr Max Haven, Halifax

2012       Guest Filmmaker: Arab Canadian Filmmakers Seminar; University of Ottawa, 

2011    Women in Israel: Race, Gender and Citizenship, Dr. Nahla Abdo, Beit Zatoun. Reviewers: Professor Himani Bannerji, Professor Amir Hassanpour, Lilian Abou-Tabickh 

2010     Apres Vous: Ethics, Pedagogy, Memory and Justice, Roundtable: Art and Pedagogy, OISE/University of Toronto, Nov. 12 – 14.  Chair: Kim Simon, Gallery TPW  

2010     University of Toronto, Hart House. Dr, Shahrzad Mojab; Dissent: The Politics and Poetics of Women’s Resistance, Women and Gender Studies Institute, May 11-12; Chair: Dr. Dina Georgis

2010     York University, Social & Political Thought. Gabriel Levine; Strategies of Critique. XXIV: The Future (tbd); Graduate Students Conference, (Trading the Future)April 9

2010    Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Professors Isabelle Kim & Lance McCready; Approaches to Urban Education (CTL1799Y), March 8 panel

2010     McMaster University, Museum Panel, Fierce: Women’s Hot-Blooded Film/Video. Curator: Janice Hladki, Jan. 29

2009    Master Class, Brandon University, Manitoba. Dr. Di Brandt, Canada Research Chair,     Literature & Creative Writing; Feb. 13

2009     University of Toronto, New College. Dr. Dina Georgis; Violent Contradictions &         Feminist Responses, The War on Gaza, A Symposium: Screening, April 2: Deir Yassin     Remembered; Panel, April 3: “Reflections on Violent Contradictions”

2008    Conscience, Culture, Politics, Macaulay Honors College at the City University of             New York, March 27 & 28, Dr. Lee Quinby

2007    External Academic Review of Faculty, Communications Studies, University of Windsor

2007    Society of Biblical Literature & American Academy of Religion conference in             San Diego. November 17 – 20. Panel Chair: Dr. Janet Ross, McMaster                 University. Respondents: Tina Pippin, Agnes Scott College;  Lee Quinby, CUNY

2007    Global Tensions, Global Possibilities, McMaster University, Hamilton, Sept. 21-13: Emily Lukaweski

2007    Journal Review:  Intercultural Education, Volume 18 No. 4 November 2007: "Shaking Up" Vision: Video as a Site of Personal and Pedagogical Intervention in Mona Hatoum's Measures of Distance, Contested Imaginaries:  Reading Muslim Women and     Muslim Women Reading Back: Transnational Feminist Reading Practices, Pedagogy, and Ethical Concerns

2007    University of Toronto, Koffler Centre. Transnationalism, Activism, Art conference, Dr. Rinaldo Wolcott.  Resisting Borders: Canadian Video Artists Approaches to Identity and Trans-local Cultural Exchanges. Panel Chair: Dot Tuer 

2007    McMaster University, Dr. Diane Enns, Department of Philosophy, Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition

2006    University of Western Ontario, Dept. of Film Studies, Dr. Christopher Gittens

2006    University of Ottawa, Department of Science, Cinema Politica, Dr. Denis Rancourt

2003    Transnational Improvisations: Performing Hybridity, University of British Columbia,     Conference Organizer: Dr. Sneja Gunew, Oct. 

2001    Paper, Retextualizing Gender, Media Technology and Gender conference, Panel Chair: Dr. Lee Quinby, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, Oct.

2001     Lecture, Fisher Center, "2001 Space Odyssey: Gender Journeys and Gendered Spaces", Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY, Dr. Betty Bayer

2001    Trinity Square Video, Video Residency, Sex show Jury

2001    Ontario Arts Council, Visual and Media Arts Artist-Run Centres and Organizations Advisory

2000    Canada Council, Cinemateque Review Jury

1999    Trinity Square Video, hiring Committee

1999    Canada Council, Web site evaluation

1999    Inside Out Film and Video Festival, best of Canadian work

1999    Trinity Square Video, Purchase Collection

1998    Panel Moderator, Unbound Geographies/Fused Histories, A Space panel at AGO, Toronto

1997    Screening & Panel, Anti-Racism Network, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto

1997    Panel, Console-ing Passions; TV, Video & Feminism: Indep. Video; Concordia Univ., Montreal

1997    Public Art Commission Jury, Community Services, City of York

1996    Panel, Console-ing Passions; TV, Video and Feminism Conference, Madison, Wisc.

1996    Images Festival of Independent Film and Video, Telefilm Award Jury

1996    Canada Council, Review of Distribution ARC’s

1995    Ontario Arts Council, Film and Video Jury

1994    Canada Council, Film Jury

1993    Trinity Square Video, Purchase Collection

1991    Canada Council, Video Production Jury

artist talks and screenings

Social Movements that Change the World, Ryerson University, Judy Rebick, Nov. 9, 2017  (selected works)

Social Movements that Change the World, Ryerson University, Judy Rebick, Nov. 11, 2016  (selected works)

York University, Faculty of Fine Art, Toronto. Professor Jon Baturin; Critical Issues: Gender, Sexuality, Ethnicity (FA/VISA 3001X), Feb. 24, 2010& Oct 1, 2014

York University, Stong College, Toronto. Dr. Dalia Kandiyoti; Global Jewish Literature and Culture: April 29, 2009

Brandon University, Manitoba. Dr. Di Brandt, Canada Research Chair, Literature & Creative Writing; Screening, Feb. 11 & Feb. 12, 2009

University of Winnipeg. Dr. Marvis Reimer, Canada Research Chair in the Culture of Childhood; Screening, Feb. 10, 2009

McMaster University, Film and Theatre Dept, Dr. Janis Hladky, 2007

Brunswick Theatre, Toronto. Programmer: Robert Allison, Nov. 25, 2007 (Palestine Trilogy)

Artists Against War, Christie Pitts, July 2007, (a hot sandfilled wind)

Point of View, Nat Taylor Cinema, York University. programmed by Siamak Haseli, 2005

Artist talk: Great Hall, Student Life Centre, University of Waterloo, 2004

Talk Cinema, Toronto International Film Group, Grande Cinema, 2004

Chile Exchange, Art Making as Departure and Arrival, Moderator: Here and There: Translating Conflict panel, Ontario College of Art and Design, 2003

Signs of Hope in the Middle East, OISE, (chair), Near East Culture & Education

Foundation & Science for Peace, Noam Chomsky event, 2002

Lecture/Artist Talk, McMaster University, 2002

Screening & presentation, Console-ing Passions; TV, Video and Feminism Conference, Mntl., 1997

            Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 1996 (Fresh Blood).

Visiting Artist, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph. 1992

Euclid Theatre, Toronto, 1991 (Is Dad Dead Yet).

Artist Talk, Women's Art Resource Centre, Women's Common, Toronto, 1990

artist panel

            Dislocation in the Cinema, Images Festival, April 21, 2017, The Commons, 401     

“Routes and Roots of Feminist Cultural Production”, Resources for Feminist Research, Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, OISE, University of Toronto, William Doo Auditorium, November 8, 2012

Moderator: Prefix Urban Field Speakers Series: Uriel Orlow: April 24, 2012, Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art; Curator: Scott McLeod

National Film Board panel, Flipping Out,  dir. Yoav Shamir; David Schatzky, moderator. Jan. 29, 2009

Sweet Mud, Rendez vous with Madness Film Festival, November 12, 2007. Kate Lushington, curator

Responses to work by Yael Bartana, The Power Plant, Helena Reckitt, curator; Panel Chair Lisa Steele, March 21, 2007

Downloading Video: Video Art and Digital Culture; Video Art in Canada website launch, Moderator: Lisa Steele: Canadian Art film series, Al Green Theatre, Toronto, 2006

Artists Against War, Metro Hall, Toronto, 2006

Sky Dragon Community, Development Co-operative Inc., programmer: Kevin MacKay, Hamilton, 2006

Crossing Divides:  Dialogue and Action for Justice, Emmanuel College, U. of T., Dr. James Graff,  2004

Talk Cinema, Toronto International Film Group, Grande Cinema, Toronto, 2004. Women’s Voices from the Middle East, Symposium panel, Diaspora, Islam & Gender -MCRI Project, The Centre for Feminist Research, York University: moderator: Dr. Haideh Moghissi, March 2003

Artist panel: Dig/Dug, Koffler Art Gallery, Toronto, curator: Vid Inglevic, May 2003

Panel moderator: Here and There: Translating Conflict, Chile Exchange, Art Making as Departure and Arrival, Ontario College of Art and Design, organizer: Prof. Diane Pugen, 2003

Panel moderator: The Middle East and War on Iraq, Symposium (moderator), Victoria College, University of Toronto, 2003

Artist talk: Report Back: All Done, Go Home, Medical Sciences Building, Science for Peace, University of Toronto, Dr. James Graff, 2003

Artist Talk, Report Back: In the Middle of the Street, Northrop Frye Hall, University of Toronto, 2002

Panel organizer/moderator, Active/ReActive, Planet In Focus, Toronto International Environmental Film & Video Festival2002

Artist Panel, Bent on Change, U.of T., Ryerson & York University, Prof. Lisa Steele, 2002

Media Panel: Media and Democracy Panel, Ryerson University, Oct. 2002

Artist Talk, McMaster University, Film and Theatre Dept,  Dr. Janis Hladky, 2002

Panel Chair: Signs of Hope in the Middle East, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Near East Culture & Education Foundation & Science for Peace, Noam Chomsky event,  Nov. 2002

Artist Panel, Trembling before G-d, Cineplex, Toronto, 2002

Hamilton Public Library, Jackson Square, Hamilton, (In the Middle of the Street), 2002

academic reviews

External Academic Promotion Review of Faculty, School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor, 2014

External Academic Research Award Review, School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor, 2013

External Academic Promotion Review of Faculty, Department of Visual Arts, University of Victoria, 2009

community presentations

Answer the Call, August 16 Collective. Gladstone premier,  John & Tarek’s Jail Break Cabaret, Nov. 9, 2013

Partitions, Migrations and Exiles: Reflections on the Question of Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands, International Diaspora Film Festival, Innis College, UofT, Nov. 3, 2013

McMaster University, Hamilton, Screening, March 12, 2013

Dalhousie University, King’s College, Halifax, Screening, January 15, 2013  (Ken, Tov, Beseder and Deir Yassin Remembered)

Opening remarks:  Lines of Resistance, Prison Art from the Middle East. Beit Zeitoun, April 9, 2011; Organized by Dr. Shahrzad Mojab, Professor, Department of Adult Education, OISE/University of Toronto

Presentation: Masjid Mosque, Mississauga, ON, Nov. 5, 2010 Organized by Saadia Khan; Co-presenation with Khaled Loutfi Mouammar, Canadian Arab Federation

Panel participant: Speaking Out: Jewish Artists Uncensored, Winchevsky Centre,                 Nov. 24, 2009; Moderator: Susan Cole    

Moderator: panel, Israel/Canada: Military and Political Connections: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), May 15, 2009; Organized by Not In Our Name 

CBC Radio: Q  interview -  Host,  Jian Ghomeshi, May 13, 2009.

Panel discussion & screening: TAROQ Islamic Center and The Muslim Unity Group, May 9, 2009; Mohammed Shokr, organizer (Deir Yassin Remembered)

Moderator: panel, Gaza, the Narrative Gap: Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD), Mar 3, 2009; Organized by OCAD Student Union

Moderator: panel, Is There a Connection? Zionism and Islamaphobia: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), Nov. 28, 2008; Organized by Not in Our Name

QUIT: Quaker Initiative to end Torture, Canadian Conference, St. Paul University, Ottawa,  organized by Anne-Marie Zilliacus, April |27–28, 2007

McGill Faculty of Law, New Chancelor Day Hall, RadLaw , organized by Lissa Frances, March 5, 2007

Adult Education, Temple Israel Synagogue, Ottawa, organized by Diana Ralph, January 28, 2007

Masjid Al-Noor Mosque, St Catherines, sponsored by Cordoba Foundation organized by Murtaza Najmudin, chaplain Brock University, 2006

3D: Diversity,Democracy and Dissent in the Jewish Community, Metro Hall, 2005

A Call for Morally Responsible Investment: A Nonviolent Response to the Israeli Occupation, Steelworkers Hall, Toronto, 2005