Home Rule

Installation: wood cabinet, fun fur, object, video an audio

Exhibited with the Spontaneous Combustion Collective

Massey Ferguson Showroom, Toronto, 1989 and Artspace Art Gallery,  Peterborough, 1990

1989 Home Rule - 1.jpg

The domestic scene of a cupboard, television displays and everyday objects (lamp, briefcase, baseball and teacup, inspired by Méret Oppenheim’s Breakfast in Fur) are all covered with fun fur of Yves Klein blue. Images on the screen of domestic activity and chores are interrupted by the crying of a child on a monitor at floor level. 

1989 Home Rule - 2.jpg
1989 Home Rule - 4.jpg
1989 Home Rule - 3.jpg

Fuse, Spring 1990, v. 13, no. 4, pp. 44-45

Review of Spontaneous Combustion, a group show of video and installations by 15 disparate artists.


The Toronto Star, Nov. 10, 1989

Dynamic Young Artists Kickstart Art Season

by Christopher Hume