Is Dad Dead Yet?

Written, directed & produced by b.h. Yael, 1991

16 mm, film length 35:00 min


Premiered at the Euclid Theatre

Is Dad Dead Yet? Scarlett, Dorothy and Lola want to know. Hollywood's image subtext is the beginning for this broken narrative anti-dramatic film. Two women, a niece and her aunt, contemplate the familial cycles of relationships, death, secrets and confidences. The relationship between two women is represented through letters surrounding the mysterious death of the uncle in a car accident. Through their correspondences they question the power of images, trace authority's abuse through various spheres, and engage in a dialogue with history. The women’s ruminations on larger social structures and conflicts reflect on a family scenario of discord. 

History itself, is embedded in us, in our flesh. Its evidence in our lives is manifest through us and through the familial and political relationships and structures we carry forward.  The two women offer each other a place of rest.

Randi Helmers performs as the niece and Mary Manning, the aunt. 

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This feminist film is drop-dead funny

by Craig MacInnis

The Toronto Star, Jan. 15, 1991

A review of the film Is Dad Dead Yet by b.h. Yael. The article also touches on tendencies in feminist humour.

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