No Lies

Written, directed & produced by b.h. Yael, 2016

Video length 1:00 min

Silent, with English subtitles

Premiered Sept. 16, 2016, TUFF Film Festival, at TTC subway platforms across Toronto

A young girl considers the complex relationships and one of the lessons of growing up in a polygamous household. No Lies is a one minute reworking of a longer work, Lessons for Polygamists

Winner of the "Most Original Film by a Local Female Director" at the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) and the recipient of the first prize at the 2018 Gotta Minute Film Festival.

"The jury’s choice for MOST ORIGINAL FILM BY A LOCAL FEMALE DIRECTOR was made easy by this mesmerizing memoir that employs an arsenal of animated techniques and elements to bring a girl’s diary to life. This perfectly succinct short about Dad’s double life and his daughter’s anguish over having to keep his secrets, is a raw, gut-wrenching and earnest exercise in hypocrisy. Big congratulations go to B.H YAEL for her film NO LIES!"

TUFF 2016 Press Release can be found HERE.

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