No Lies

Written, directed & produced by b.h. Yael, 2016

Video length 1:00 min

Silent, with English subtitles

Premiered Sept. 16, 2016, TUFF Film Festival, at TTC subway platforms across Toronto

A young girl considers the complex relationships and one of the lessons of growing up in a polygamous household. No Lies is a one minute reworking of a longer work, Lessons for Polygamists

Winner of the "Most Original Film by a Local Female Director" at the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF)

"The jury’s choice for MOST ORIGINAL FILM BY A LOCAL FEMALE DIRECTOR was made easy by this mesmerizing memoir that employs an arsenal of animated techniques and elements to bring a girl’s diary to life. This perfectly succinct short about Dad’s double life and his daughter’s anguish over having to keep his secrets, is a raw, gut-wrenching and earnest exercise in hypocrisy. Big congratulations go to B.H YAEL for her film NO LIES!"

TUFF 2016 Press Release can be found HERE.

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